My Story

I am a passionate, creative being with a love of music, inner dance & the traveling movement.
From a young age I had a passion for Music and Art. Coming from a very creative family, my Grandma was a Welsh Opera Singer, Mother a Professional Dancer and my Father and Sister are both Artists.
My Holistic Singing Studio is known to be a “confidence haven”, a place you can find your ground, learn about vocal anatomy and the foundations of the voice and where it is rooted in the body and larynx. I enjoy the method of fine-tuning technique and exploring all realms of your personal Voice ie. perhaps your attitude to risk as a performer or ones cognitive, physical and social capabilities or difficulties when in different vocal environments.
Over the past years I have indulged in hours and hours of Certified continued personal development. My up-to-date scientific and skilled knowledge and teaching methods, allow students to learn diverse strategies and cope with the ever changing flow of Life and Voice. I value every lesson, especially if “I learnt so much today!!” or on those lines is fed back. That for me makes all the hard work and wordy research papers worth reading!  

Something else I offer is Singing as a Therapy, in 1:1 and Group lessons for Children and Adults. This approach is where I bring a more spiritual practice in – some examples are Singing bare foot, Crystal healing (connection to the voice is fascinating for children), Mindfulness, Meditation and Kirtan Chanting (devotional singing). This quite beautifully allows Singers of all ages to emotionally express themselves in a non judgmental space.

The results are Magik and long-lasting! 

How it all started…

I started my journey performing in many local productions, shows, Eisteddfods, choir performances and local entertainment. Performing in two West End Productions in Jersey, ‘Annie’ with Ruth Madoc and ‘Joseph’ starring ‘H’ from Steps.

Leaving school and Jersey at 16, I moved to the UK to study my vocal diploma at The Academy of Contemporary Music. I then received a Distinction, which allowed me to move swiftly onto my Music Degree at the young age of 17.

During my degree course, I was asked to join my Lecturer’s (and great friend) Electro Swing band in 2013. Since joining the band, I was fortunate to be gigging in many places around England including London, Bristol, Brighton, Peterborough, Northampton, Sussex etc and these venues included Hooternannys, Fox & Firkin among many good venues.

Lunatrix played at Boomtown Fair, Winchester and supported Congo Natty in Finsbury Park. We also played and entertained for an evening at a very prestigious Wedding in London in August 2014 and throughout our time together played in many other small Festivals around the UK.

I have experience of recording and been lucky enough to indulge in some of the best recording studios in the UK. Lunatrix recorded tracks in the well-known “Jeff Becks” Studio in the South of England. Which was a great experience!

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I have also spent time at Workshops and Gigs at the Metropolis studios in London, being inspired by many, one being the Legend of Funk, Mr George Clinton. Furthermore, my most peaceful experience was recording meditation chants for a Mindfulness Album called Inner Pieces.

After a two year intensive degree course in part Vocals, Music Business and Innovation. I learnt a lot more skills in other areas of the Industry.

This helped me to understand all the other aspects of being a Musician. From Studio skills, Business plans for upcoming artists/signed artists, A&R, Copyright laws on music, preparing Accounts, three year Business plans and also general terms and conditions of contracts and procedures which record companies undertake when signing a new artist.

I was inspired to grow with my Music by travelling around the world and using my Teaching skills in orphanages in Cambodia and singing at Kirtan Meditation Yoga Retreats, Bhakti practices in Indonesia.
If we look back hundreds of years, our ancestors used ‘voice’ as medicine, connection and healing – as do certain animals like whales, toadfish, crickets and birds!
Opening the power within the voice and sharing your creative gift reaps so many healthy benefits for those who dare try..
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