3 Tips

Useful Daily Vocal Tips for Everyone!

🗣🌈Useful tips for everyone to try!🗣🌈

All three have really helped me over the last couple of weeks. It is wonderful to have more time to do such deep amazing healing work with my voice!

I have fund myself singing more with Nature. Especially when in the woods every morning, less people more space to breath on my own. Harmonising my sound with the birds, trees and occasionally with the dog 😂

It is also great practicing singing/breath work with a mask on I have found 😷 Facial masks allow one to become mindful of air flow and breath as it is very obvious when breathing in and out! Tap in and feel your breath next time you are wearing one! Can you notice any habits and how are you controlling it?

During this epidemic it is important for us to keep hydrated with hot drinks. My favourite is the one I used on this post. Honey, lemon, ginger, orange peel & fennel (if you wish). Green tea is nice to add too!
*Quick tip, always use a straw (sustainable metal or bamboo, even better!) when drinking Lemon, as very acidic for your teeth.

Of course there are lots of other ways to care for our voice, but these definitely can be used for everyday use!

– 14th April 2020


Isolation Singing 2020 – VWG

🗣 What a great week isolation Singing! 🗣

I have been busy with online Lessons & it has been awesome!!

I am feeling very thankful for our easy access to WiFi to resume working in these hard times..

On this current journey we are adapting to change and making the most of what the digital world can offer us.

We all need change, to grow and appreciate what we can and can’t do so easily ✨

Most of all, it’s a great feeling to connect with you all from afar, expressing ourselves through our Voice.

SINGING is healing!

– 28th March 2020

Mental Health

Turn that frown upside down! – How Singing is a Natural Anti-Depressant

🧠 Singing is a NATURAL anti depressant 🧠

Singing rids stagnant energy and ultimately provides pain relief, stress relief and improves several biological markers. It is a cathartic activity that triggers our internal endocrine system


Over time I have really witnessed how Singing is a mood lifter & anti depressant with no side effects!


I love the study led by Tom Shakespeare, a professor of disability studies at the University of East Anglia.

It began in a psychiatric hospital, but was then moved into the community. At the time of the study in 2015, about 120 people were participating in four different 90-minute singing workshops each week.

The workshops were free, and anybody could join.

During the study, about two thirds of the participants were being treated for a mental health problem.


Shakespeare’s outcome of the experiment was…

“The combination of singing and social engagement produced a feeling of belonging and wellbeing that often lasted for more than a day and, as a weekly engagement, gave ongoing structure, support and contact that keep (the participants) at a higher level of functionality and their moods better than they would be without.

More specifically, participants explained that singing was, for instance, a form of communication that was safe, that it enabled them to express emotions in a supported environment and communicate in a socially unthreatening way. For many who had a history of social anxiety, this was highly valued and the majority of interviewees reported a significant improvement in social skills and confidence.”


☝️And it is not news to health professionals that mental & physical health are intimately linked.

So if you want more of your happy muscles working and greater positivity within your life… Try singing out! In the shower, on your walks, in the car, at the local Karaoke night. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results in your behaviour, confidence and self esteem. 

Andddd, no. It doesn’t matter if you think “but I can’t sing” .. Everyone can sing like everyone can talk.. Maybe to start off, choose places to practice without an audience.

Most of all, enjoy the moment and the great freedom and fun feelings you get! 


– 12th March 2020


!Yes! Singing boosts you Immune System and your physical well-being

🎙Singing STRENGTHENS the Immune System 💪🏽

According to research conducted at the University of Frankfurt, singing boosts the immune system.
The study included testing professional choir members’ blood before and after a hour-long rehearsal singing Mozart’s “Requiem”. 💉
The researchers noticed that in most cases, the amount of proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies, known as Immunoglobulin A, were significantly higher immediately after the rehearsal!

The same increases were not observed after the choir members passively listened to music…

Your passion for singing could lead you to incredible benefits in your physical, emotional, and social health! 🤲🏻

Tried and tested by myself and many other researches and singers 🙌🏻

– 5th March 2020


The Healing Power of Singing and how ‘being vocal’ can change everything

🗣🤲🏻Singing is HEALING 🗣🤲🏻

Being musically vocal is nourishing, creative and a remedy for the Soul 🙌🏻

When teaching I concentrate on good vocal technique and additionally incorporate techniques that benefit each students individual need to release, mend and heal blockages in the throat.

Singing is vulnerable! Past trauma, confidence issues and swallowed emotions can be stored in our voice box. In some cases I have helped release trauma from students that has taken over 40+ years to unchain. The relief and emotion that is discharged from these awakenings are powerful and truly liberating ✨

Singing and music allows one to uproot and detach tension and pain from our body’s. Over time harmonizing and balancing vibrations that feed our muscle memory and energetic effectiveness.

Stimulating beneficial changes in brain waves 🧠〰️

Tears, cheers, screams, yelps, crying, cackles, belly laughs – you name it, we journey through it all.

Singing IS Medicine 🎶

Start your Journey today… 

– 27th February 2020


Why Vocal Warm Ups should become a daily Ritual – to your Success!




20 minutes a day is all it takes to be the best you can be, vocally!

It is so Important to stretch and relax the muscles before we sing. As you would before a run or lifting weights..

Solo voice care is essential for all flowering vocalists, as well as your weekly lessons.

And can be easily practiced anywhere!

The benefits are endless…

🗣removes excess mucus

🗣reduces risks of injury

🗣widens your range

🗣enhances clarity

🗣gives flexibility

🗣smoothens your passagio

🗣releases tension

🗣develops your mix

🗣fuels your muscle memory

🗣strengthens transitions throughout your range.


Singing is good for the soul, start your journey today

– 28th Jan 2020