Parental Consent form for Vocal Gym younger members

    This form is an agreement between Vocal Gym and the parent/caregiver of the child that wishes to attend. ALL age 9-17 year olds must ensure that their parent/caregiver has filled out this form.

    In addition to this form, the Registration form must be filled out with Child's name but parental information (ie phone number on the form). Consent By signing this form (below) I agree that my Child can take part in Vocal Gym

    · I give consent for my child, to use the facilities and take part in Vocal Gym

    · I understand and have discussed with my child that Vocal Gym is at times unsupervised 1:1, but Group situation and that they are to abide by all Gym rules and guidelines set out in the induction brief

    · I have discussed with my child and Gia about any potential limitations utilising any of the equipment due to my child's age, fitness level, and any previous illness/injury

    · I agree to contact Gia if I have any concerns whatsoever in relation to my child's fitness health on the day of Vocal Gym

    · I understand that there is a risk of physical injury during exercise. I agree to ensure my child behaves appropriately when using the equipment

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