Struggling to find New Songs to Sing? Here is your answer..

🎶🌎Struggling to find songs you want to sing or albums and artists that inspire you? 🌏🎶

Get active!! Running, cycling and especially walking (personally for me) has significantly widened my music taste!

Solo activity with music puts your mind in a different place and becomes a matter of songs, not miles or minutes.

The Centre of Research states that “The lyrics or catchy rhythm of motivational music inspires you to exercise longer or work harder during your exercise routine “.
And that is totally true for me, at times I do not want my 5 mile walk to end, and find myself with sore feet when I get home having walked for much longer than expected!

The conscious feeling of strolling alone with headphones on has made me appreciate music and the pleasure it can gift us. There is a massive wide range of eclectic sounds available for us on the magic web..

Recently, with lots more time on my hands during isolation – time for healing and walking bare foot on soil and sand.
New music has magically flown into my ears and blown me off my feet! I have smiled, cried, danced, slowed down and taken a big breath. Sometimes not believing what I was hearing!

Each journey often having found awesome new music that I can do nothing more than repeat repeat repeat, and sing to!

By exploring music on a running platform not just in your music library – you are opening your ears to delightful opportunities for your heart and soul.

– 2nd May 2020

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