My Sweet Addiction! Vocalzone Throat Pastilles

⚫️ My sweet addiction ⚫️

I have been consuming these beauties for over 10 years! & man they are good!
These are the closest to natural I have found that benefit me the most. Containing three main ingredients;

🔴Myrrh Tincture

🔴Peppermint Oil


All ingredients holding such powerful healing properties for our Voice and throat. & they contain NO Benzocaine – which in the long run can do you more damage (and in most throat sweets)!

I have found in the summer season, there are more allergy’s flairing up within my students and maybe more ice-cream and dairy products consumed 😁🌞🍦 – So Vocalzone are the perfect answer for clearing the folds from mucus before a lesson or just throughout the day!
I recommend all my students get to a local pharmacy and buy yourself some Vocalzone and keep that voice relieved and clear 🖤 

+ they are Vegan! ❤️

– 29th May 2020

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