Never Underestimate the “Huummm” – Vocal Warm up!

🐦🧘🏽‍♀️Humming! Yes let us not underestimate the power of the “hummm” whilst warming up!🧘🏻‍♂️🐦

The truth is, it may not feel as though you are vocally ‘going for it’ but scientifically your chords are still working just as hard!
Humming at low volumes is a smoother more relaxing way to warm up one could say. Especially if you have a full-on vocal schedule. This way putting less strain on the vocals folds!

Humming involves the mouth remaining closed, so therefore using less of your anatomy to produce sound and resonance, but still putting the larynx and vocal folds to work.
One of the great things about humming is that the tongue and other vowel/consonant articulators are resting, or should be. You can focus entirely on the buzz sensation and on the relaxation of any unnecessary tensions.

Another benefit is for example, if you are ever struggling on a certain part of a song, and have found your voice getting very tired whilst practising…
Swap the lyrics to a ‘Humm’ keep the same melody and pitch and do this in your warmup!
Repetition is good for muscle memory and if you do not want to strain your voice whilst practicing, this may be the perfect tool for you for getting that perfect lick or trill you were after!

A few TIPS and advice to remember whilst using this warm up method –

🗣Do not force or push air out too much

🗣Gentle chewing while humming – as if you have gum in your mouth, can be useful for loosening up any tensions

🗣Try not to hum always on lower pitches than your natural voice, as this may cause strain

🗣Keep the back of the neck long and the space in the back of the mouth wide

🗣Relax the jaw, face and lips

🗣Keep the tongue forward and down, the soft palate lifted, the throat wide and the sound moving forward

Practice Humming on short scales, slides up and down or whatever suits you at the time. Feel that buzzing feeling, your voice will be very thankful!

– 12th May 2020

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