Singing Empowers People – The Joys in Communal Singing


👥👥The Joys of Communal Singing👥👥

Singing is one of the most important and meaningful of all human activities and what we must not forget – is one of the only instruments that is free and totally mobile! 

Whatever setting you are working in – a classroom, camp, faith community or peace and justice group. Singing empowers people, strengthens the bonds in community, and creates hope and change.

Have you ever been to a gig or concert where the artist sings a familiar song and everyone spontaneously starts to sing along? After a moment of surprise, you realise that everything suddenly feels different! The space has become a gathering of friends, a warm, cozy and peaceful place in harmony. That for me is what singing together is all about. 

I get that safe sense of “WAW” and realness of my reality in that very special conscious moment of bliss.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a rock star or on a stage to create experiences like that, I guess you just have to love to make music and share your voice with people.

Over the past few months with Covid-19 Pandemic, we have noticed a lot more community singing via online platforms like zoom and Skype. Choirs, bands and harmonious performances sung and performed together at home. It shows that out of all of the arts, Music and Singing is our preferred idea of bringing community and friendship “back home”. By doing this together as a community we helped each other through the lockdown period and created uplifting energy mostly through voice.

Communal singing can be created and often organically grown in any environment that is open to it;

Here are a few examples..

  • Around a Campfire
  • In the moonlight
  • Spiritual or Religious Ceremonies
  • As a band
  • As a choir
  • At a sports match
  • Concerts, gigs, shows, stand up comedy performances
  • Friendship gatherings
  • Family gatherings
  • Celebrations
  • On public transport
  • In unexpected wide open spaces
  • Remembrance ceremonies

And many more places! Personally, I think In any situation – I think it should be more of a thing!

We should totally become more open to voicing and singing together for its ultimate essence of healing and prosperous outcome for us humans.

Singing within a group is great for identifying your voice and sound, relaxation and therapy. One learns to open and adjust tension blocked areas physically and emotionally and often it is more likely to be fully expressed when someone is listening or expressing with you.

I recommend all my students of all ages and people reading this who are or who are not interested in singing (sounds crazy hey!) to try it more!

Ideas of enforcing this gift more in your life could be:

-Create a school or community band

-Create a friendship choir

-Invite the idea of singing to your fitness, yoga or hobby group instructor

-Sing with your children and family

-Don’t say no to Friday Karaoke, sing as a group!

-Get involved with meditation and Kirtan spiritual ceremonies

The important step forward would be identifying security and learning not to be afraid of singing to people and with people. Make friendships and goals within your community and most of all – express!

I am excited to announce I have some super great collaborations for communal singing in Jersey CI and online. Also I am processing upcoming campaigns for bringing this practice back to schools and education.

Power to the people – Watch this space! 

– 22nd June 2020

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