Turn that frown upside down! – How Singing is a Natural Anti-Depressant

🧠 Singing is a NATURAL anti depressant 🧠

Singing rids stagnant energy and ultimately provides pain relief, stress relief and improves several biological markers. It is a cathartic activity that triggers our internal endocrine system


Over time I have really witnessed how Singing is a mood lifter & anti depressant with no side effects!


I love the study led by Tom Shakespeare, a professor of disability studies at the University of East Anglia.

It began in a psychiatric hospital, but was then moved into the community. At the time of the study in 2015, about 120 people were participating in four different 90-minute singing workshops each week.

The workshops were free, and anybody could join.

During the study, about two thirds of the participants were being treated for a mental health problem.


Shakespeare’s outcome of the experiment was…

“The combination of singing and social engagement produced a feeling of belonging and wellbeing that often lasted for more than a day and, as a weekly engagement, gave ongoing structure, support and contact that keep (the participants) at a higher level of functionality and their moods better than they would be without.

More specifically, participants explained that singing was, for instance, a form of communication that was safe, that it enabled them to express emotions in a supported environment and communicate in a socially unthreatening way. For many who had a history of social anxiety, this was highly valued and the majority of interviewees reported a significant improvement in social skills and confidence.”


☝️And it is not news to health professionals that mental & physical health are intimately linked.

So if you want more of your happy muscles working and greater positivity within your life… Try singing out! In the shower, on your walks, in the car, at the local Karaoke night. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results in your behaviour, confidence and self esteem. 

Andddd, no. It doesn’t matter if you think “but I can’t sing” .. Everyone can sing like everyone can talk.. Maybe to start off, choose places to practice without an audience.

Most of all, enjoy the moment and the great freedom and fun feelings you get! 


– 12th March 2020

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