The Healing Power of Singing and how ‘being vocal’ can change everything

🗣🤲🏻Singing is HEALING 🗣🤲🏻

Being musically vocal is nourishing, creative and a remedy for the Soul 🙌🏻

When teaching I concentrate on good vocal technique and additionally incorporate techniques that benefit each students individual need to release, mend and heal blockages in the throat.

Singing is vulnerable! Past trauma, confidence issues and swallowed emotions can be stored in our voice box. In some cases I have helped release trauma from students that has taken over 40+ years to unchain. The relief and emotion that is discharged from these awakenings are powerful and truly liberating ✨

Singing and music allows one to uproot and detach tension and pain from our body’s. Over time harmonizing and balancing vibrations that feed our muscle memory and energetic effectiveness.

Stimulating beneficial changes in brain waves 🧠〰️

Tears, cheers, screams, yelps, crying, cackles, belly laughs – you name it, we journey through it all.

Singing IS Medicine 🎶

Start your Journey today… 

– 27th February 2020

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