The Benefits of Sharing your Voice and why?

🙌🏼 The Benefits of Sharing your Voice 🙌🏼

I have been talking a lot recently with my students about the importance of sharing singing and your voice with others.
This could be in vocal groups, choirs, sacred spaces, around campfires and where and whenever you can comfortably!

But Why
Singing in a choir is seriously good for your ear training, pitch control and harmonies as well as making friendships with people who are passionate about singing alike to you!

Being in a band as a vocalist can help tremendously with your songwriting skills and rhythm. A band environment can give you many opportunities with work, networking and also gives you a gateway into backing vocals – should you need to cover all parts whilst recording your music.

Sacred spaces with friends or people in your community are great places to express your voice and learn from one another. Church for some people, is a place to sing and feel rejoiced within your voice. For others, healing groups and expressive ceremonies.

Personally, I reaped so many positive musical experiences and learning from being part of a choir from a very young age and a band (as a BV) whilst studying in the UK.

I have also experienced great healing and therapy through my voice having taken part in Kirtan healing meditation in Indonesia and around the world.
As time progresses with a Kirtan ceremony, you enter a meditative and blissful state. Some people get up and dance along to the music as they chant and sing, others clap, or some people just close their eyes and chant. It is a very personal experience, but you still feel connected as you sing with everyone in the room. This is a great way to use your body and voice and feel empowered by the vibrations and sound within you and around you.

I was specifically moved by what I witnessed in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City’s Tao Dan Park 🇻🇳 6 years ago..

There was a small coffee shop, which is informally known as the ‘Bird Café’. The café is a meeting place for people to bring their beloved birds to learn how to Sing and make friends!
The activity has been popular since 1954, according to many old bird lovers in the City.

From dawn, men and women arrive at the Park on their scooters, canvas-covered cages strapped to the back.
While some owners play their songbirds CDs of classical music and other birdsong, bringing them together in the flesh is apparently the best way to speed up the learning process. This gets the birds used to singing around other people and learning new songs and melodies.

Most birds start singing within three months, but one man says it takes about two years for them to become fully trained.
Birdsong Competitions are organised by clubs around the city, with cash prizes and trophies for the best singers.
But as the clock hits 8am, the cages are slowly packed up, their drivers taking the birds home and preparing for their daily lives of work.
They’ll be back tomorrow morning though, keen for their birds to continue their singing lessons.

Being at this place really taught me that nature is a pure example of why we must mix and integrate with others to deepen our learning. Allowing inspiration to flow and vibrations to awaken the talent and energy we have within us 

CHECK OUT the Bird Cafe here 👇🏼

– 6th June 2020

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