Useful Daily Vocal Tips for Everyone!

🗣🌈Useful tips for everyone to try!🗣🌈

All three have really helped me over the last couple of weeks. It is wonderful to have more time to do such deep amazing healing work with my voice!

I have fund myself singing more with Nature. Especially when in the woods every morning, less people more space to breath on my own. Harmonising my sound with the birds, trees and occasionally with the dog 😂

It is also great practicing singing/breath work with a mask on I have found 😷 Facial masks allow one to become mindful of air flow and breath as it is very obvious when breathing in and out! Tap in and feel your breath next time you are wearing one! Can you notice any habits and how are you controlling it?

During this epidemic it is important for us to keep hydrated with hot drinks. My favourite is the one I used on this post. Honey, lemon, ginger, orange peel & fennel (if you wish). Green tea is nice to add too!
*Quick tip, always use a straw (sustainable metal or bamboo, even better!) when drinking Lemon, as very acidic for your teeth.

Of course there are lots of other ways to care for our voice, but these definitely can be used for everyday use!

– 14th April 2020

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