Vocal Take-Away Box – Natural Throat Healing delivered straight to your door!

🗣 🧙🏻‍♀️Vocal Healing takeaway box, delivered to your door 🚚 📦

Buy for yourself or a friend! Perfect gift for someone who isn’t feeling their best 💜

፧ Have you ‘over done it’ Vocally?
፧ Is your vocal schedule full on and you are in need of some soothing natural remedies?
፧ Suffering from a sore throat?
፧ Bacterial infection?
፧ Dry cough?

Vocals with Gia has the perfect ‘takeaway box’ of NATURAL & ORGANIC products, tools and recipes to help with soothing, cleaning and healing for a more comfortable Voice now and in the future… No hassle & delivered to you!

Inside the Magic Box 

🌬 Steam Inhaler
🧘🏻‍♂️ 1 box of Yogi Tea “Throat Comfort”
🍵 200g Spriulina Powder
🐝 Jar of Organic Honey
🍯 Wooden Honey Dipper
🍋 1 x fresh or juiced Lemon
🦊 1 x Organic Ginger or powdered Ginger
🦁 100g Turmeric Powder
🌊 Pouch of Sea Salt
💼 FairTrade printed ‘Vocals with Gia’ tote cotton bag
🗣 Paper Straws (for light vocal healing warmups)
📖 Recipes using these main ingredients

🌍 Worldwide delivery
🛍 Sold at St Helier Studio

– 22nd May 2020

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