Youtube Tips & Tricks for Vocalists!

👀👂🏼🌶YouTube tips and tricks 👀👂🏼🌶

Get yourself a cup of tea, your tablet, phone or laptop and have a read of this thread on helpful tips for finding a whole different realm, for new music. Automatically fishing creative tasty albums and songs, that heal your divine soul 

There are many different platforms out there for listening to music. Spotify, youtube, amazon music, iTunes etc.
For me I am a lover of Youtube as I like to see the visuals too!

Here are some juicy tips I made today, for YOUTUBE in particular;

Use this! What a fantastic way to find new music, being recommended bands and artists that sound a-like to the people who already inspire you!
For those rainy days, look up your favourite album on youtube and see what recommendations you get from it, you may be very surprised!

Now you have a little more time on your hands. Make some playlists! I have many titled playlists like – car, Sunday, roots, cleaning, Jazz hop, garden swing, dancing, wooden chill, sing to soul, nature sounds, samples etc..
All of which I use like a library or filing cabernet. Sectioning my music into different environments for my chosen ‘mood’ for listening.
Making playlists becomes very organised and is a nice way of keeping your taste and genres colourful.

AUTO PLAY – Turn auto- play ON!
This also works with your recommendations and especially when driving for example, a great way to avoid empty spaces if you are not listening from a playlist. Also automatically works with your listening algorithm.

KEXP, SOFA SOUNDS, NPR TINY DESK to name a few. Beautiful live performances overflowing with inspiring sounds.
Live radio is also a favourite of mine. Youtube caterers for all different tastes when it comes to radio so have some fun with finding a live station and genre that suits you.

When listening to your favourite music check out the channel of the video and see what they have to offer! Subscribing and following the record Label is another way of widening your scope.

Enjoy the Journey ✌🏼💚

– 5th May 2020

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